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Welcome Parents and Students!

It is great to have you here and participating in this project. Please see activity sheets (links to the pdf files are in the left side bar) for information on each activity. Take notes in your journal, too - let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas:

Activity 1 - Week 1

    Elephant Biographies - visit the Elephant Sanctuary web site together.

Activity 2 - Week 2

Activity 3 - Week 3

Activity 4 - Week 4

    Elephant Biographies - another visit to the Sanctuary to find new information and updates.

    • Elephant Sanctuary link:

Did you know....

    Users of the Internet have developed a nonverbal way to communicate emotion through email and web sites. Symbols are used to express smiling, frowning and a range of other emotions.

    I often use the smiley face: :-) (take a look at it sideways:-)) You create it be pressing the colon, dash and shift-0.

The Parent/Student Internet Project:

These activities are designed to give elementary school children and parents an opportunity to use the Internet together. Each activity is related to a lesson or curriculum unit the students are involved in at school.

Activity 1 Worksheet - PDF format

Activity 2 Worksheet - PDF format

Activity 3 Worksheet - PDF format

Journal - PDF Format