Tarra, age: 34
originally from: Burma

kids love elephants

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Integrate lessons about the Elephant Sanctuary elephants into different curriculum areas. Visit our pages:
• math facts and more
• habitats, endangered species
Language Arts
• writing and multimedia presentations
Social Studies
• fund raising, letter writing
• related links including frameworks and Elephant telecam
Sample Grant
• read a lighthouse grant based on the Elephant Sanctuary curriculum
Kids Make Elepages

Fourth to sixth grade students in our Web Challenge course used HTML to make their own web pages, including elepages.

Here is some of our work:
Vivian's Pages.
About the elephant Bunny and Badminton.

Rachel's Pages.
About the elephant Jenny and Design.

Ellie's Pages.
About the elephant Shirley and Ferrets.

Caitlin's Pages.
About the elephant Winkie and Dogs.

On-line resources we used include:

travels with Tarra cover

Information about the elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary is from their web site at www.elephants.com.

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