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Elephants: Teaching and Learning - Welcome to the Eleweb
Integrate lessons about the Elephant Sanctuary elephants into different curriculum areas. Visit our pages:
• math facts and more
• habitats, endangered species
Language Arts
• writing and multimedia presentations
Social Studies
• fund raising, letter writing
• related links including frameworks and Elephant telecam
Sample Grant
• read a lighthouse grant based on the Elephant Sanctuary curriculum
• rubric used to evaluate web sites
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Welcome to the Eleweb. This site is a resource for teachers interested in developing curriculum which integrates technology with the study of endangered Asian elephants. Using a web site created by The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee, teachers can create lessons and activities that allow students to use the sanctuary's web site directly. Teachers can also use the materials and lessons plans available through the sanctuary's site to develop instructional materials and related lessons and activities. The Eleweb, this site, suggests ways that teachers can integrate use of the Elephant Sanctuary web site.

I encourage you to explore the Elephant Sanctuary web site at www.elephants.com.

Pages you may want to start with on the Eleweb are:

Elephants: Family Page or Kids Elepages
Activities for parents and students to work on together.

Elephants: Teaching and Learning - Introduction.
Overview of the curriculum unit that inspired this web site.

Elephants: Teaching and Learning - Math.
Possibilities for math integration using the Elephant Sanctuary web site.

Elephants: Teaching and Learning - Sample Grant.
The sample grant outlines the Elephant Biographies lessons.

Elephants: Teaching and Learning - Resources.
Related links helpful to planning integrated lessons.

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