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Integrate lessons about the Elephant Sanctuary elephants into different curriculum areas. Visit our pages:
• math facts and more
• habitats, endangered species
Language Arts
• writing and multimedia presentations
• fundraising, letter writing
• related links including frameworks and Elephant telecam
Sample Grant
• read a lighthouse grant based on the Elephant Sanctuary curriculum
• rubric used to evaluate web sites
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Barbara Peskin is a Technology Integration Specialist, web developer, creator of instructional materials, and a person who cares very much about the environment, endangered species and animals of all kinds.

She knows that kids love elephants, too. Integrating curriculum with technology related lessons and activities centered on the endangered Asian Elephants on the Elephant Sanctuary web site creates a wonderful model. Engage your students! Teach and learn using the Elephant Sanctuary web site.

To share your ideas or to learn more about how you can integrate Elephant Sanctuary lessons in your curriculum, please contact me via e-mail at: bpeskin11 at gmail.com

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