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Elephants: Teaching and Learning - Rubric to Evaluate Web Sites
Thanks to Ellen Callahan Dwyer for use of her original rubric which I have since revised for my use.

Integrate lessons about the Elephant Sanctuary elephants into different curriculum areas. Visit our pages:
• math facts and more
• habitats, endangered species
Language Arts
• writing and multimedia presentations
Social Studies
• fund raising, letter writing
• related links including frameworks and Elephant telecam
Sample Grant
• read a lighthouse grant based on the Elephant Sanctuary curriculum
Evaluation of this Eleweb
Evaluation Site 1
Evaluation Site 2
Evaluation Site 3
Evaluation Site 4
Evaluation Site 5

In order to evaluate a site's design and development according to the rubric, rate each category on a scale of 1-5. When finished, divide the total number of points by 22.


Web Expert
Right Idea
Should Be Improved
Read The Book
Don't Publish


1. Document is divided into logical supporting pages or, if presented in a single page, offers a table of contents with section links to avoid scrolling through the entire document.

2. The site displays good graphic design principles, including uncluttered space, subdued backgrounds, and coordinated colors.

3. Navigation is intuitive, easy to understand, and provides flexibility in movement.

4. Home page is linked from all subsequent pages.

5. Multimedia elements complement and enhance content.

6. Multimedia elements load quickly or file size is indicated with user option to download.

7. Text is easy to read and contrasts with all backgrounds.

8. Images include ALT, HEIGHT, WIDTH tags and offer initial thumbnail graphic if file is large.

9. Pages work in a variety of browsers, so as to be accessible to teachers and students working from home, school or library.

Overall Content

10. Pages have clear and appropriate title in title bar.

11. Links are clearly labeled meet the needs of the audience of the site as well as its stated purpose.

12. Links are up-to-date and functional.

13. Content specific to the site and useful to the audience is embedded no further than two layers deep.

14. Site contains in-depth content that encourages users to return.

15. Information is accurate and current.

16. Through use of images, multimedia and text, the site stimulates thinking and reflection about the subject area.

17. Pages have information useful to teachers developing a unit on endangered Asian Elephants.

18. Pages have can either be used by students to study elephants directly, or by teachers in support of curriculum development.


19. Credibility is established by including information regarding author, affiliations, and credentials.

20. Contact person with email address in included.

21. Site is bias-free, or explicitly states point of view.

22. Material is original or includes appropriate citations with no copyright infringement.

23. Correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar indicate care and attention to detail.

24. Site indicates date(s) that material was created or updated.

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