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Elephants: Teaching and Learning - Math Lessons and Activities

Integrate lessons about the Elephant Sanctuary elephants into different curriculum areas. Visit our pages:
• habitats, endangered species
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• writing and multimedia presentations
• civics: fundraising, letter writing and geography
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• read a lighthouse grant based on the Elephant Sanctuary curriculum
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There are many math facts about the elephants on the Elephant Sanctuary website.
  • Students can gather data from each of the Elephant biographies. We facilitated their learning by creating math fact cards that students used as they wrote their own biographies. First and second graders built their own sentences using their math fact cards.
  • Third and fourth graders used math facts for graphing on spreadsheets and creating bar charts and pie charts.
  • Math facts are also available from the Help Feed the Elephants page, which lists the diet for each of the seven elephants currently at the sanctuary. For example, students can compare and contrast how much hay each elephant eats with their heigh and weight.
  • When we were working on the unit, we would email the Director, Carol Buckley, who would almost immediately email back answers to our questions.
  • Thus, children are learning about math in truly a real world application.

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